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About Me: Dr. Doug Gold

This is currently my first attempt at writing a blog. I’ve been wanting to set something up for a few years now, and am finally taking the leap. What will this blog be about primarily?? At first, it will cover a range of topics. Primarily, topics that I am constantly educating my patients about. Below is a tentative list. I will be trying to blog a new topic on a weekly basis, hopefully, every Sunday for the next month, and then re-assess after one month. A little about me before I start blogging.

First off. I am a Chiropractic Physician practicing in the state of Virginia, but more specifically…Tysons Corner Va. I’m certified as a Functional Rehab Specialist, a Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Specialist(Medical Specialist), and Active Release Technique provider, and a Graston Technique provider. I am currently pursuing a CCSP(Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician) certification.

Anyways. I was born and raised in the great city/suburbs of Buffalo NY in 1978. I grew up in Kenmore NY and have always been very interested in sports…watching and playing. Yes, I am a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan…no laughing….we are turning it around this year(said that many times). I grew up playing soccer, baseball, basketball, and volleyball primarily…every once in a while my friends would be able to get me into a hockey goal on the street, in order to whip slap shots right at my head…thanks, guys. I am one of the few that grew up in Buffalo with no skates attached to my feet.

Activity and movement were a huge part of my life growing up, and it still is today…I just have to be more careful now(thanks to my recent stint as a goalie here in Tysons Corner), I don’t move like I used to, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get back to it…just have to work a little harder and pick and choose my battles… it’s all about preparation and balance. Currently, my main sports passion is golf…yes it’s a sport(in my opinion). I also love to hike, bike, run and swim. I am currently training for an Olympic triathlon this spring, nothing too serious, but enough to get the juices going.

I went to a college in Pennsylvania…Moravian College…a small Liberal Arts school in the lovely little city of Bethlehem PA. Most people have only heard of Lehigh University, which is right across the river from Moravian. It was a small school, but I loved it. I majored in Business Management but realized my favorite class that I took was a nursing class my sophomore year. One of my good friends actually took the class with me…we were the only two guys in the class. We both didn’t have any problems with that. We thought it would be a breeze! I remember my friend always getting frustrated because I would actually participate every day. I was really interested in the human body and health and nutrition…this sparked something in me that I eventually returned to once I started “working”…I would end up graduating with a BA in Business Management, but would find out rather quickly that the business world and 7 months in a cubicle were all it took..sort of like the movie…Office Space. I decided, that I was too good with my hands and I hated sitting all day on a computer.

I started researching Chiropractic after a weekend visit with my good friend/roommate in undergrad Jason at his Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls NY. He had always wanted to become a Chiropractor. I still remember hanging out with his friends/classmates and discussing why they all were going to Chiropractic College, etc. It made perfect sense to me, so I came home on a visit to Buffalo soon after, and told my mom I was going to school to become a Chiropractic Physician…she thought I was crazy! I then took all the prerequisites science classes before enrolling in 2002.

I graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2006 and started working right away. I have worked in multiple locations for the last 7 years…some good, some very educational to say the least. One of my goals after graduating from Chiropractic College was to work for and alongside as many other successful Chiropractors and see where the future would take me. So far I have worked in South Florida, Buffalo NY, and now I am currently in Tysons Corner VA practicing. I’ve worked with all types of patients, and I love working on a variety. I have treated professional athletes on the PGA Tour, Professional Tennis Players, Olympic Triathletes, Major League Baseball, and of course, the infamous weekend warriors. I am not just interested in the active population. I enjoy treating and helping all walks of life.

It’s absolutely important to love what you do and I am constantly learning and experiencing. What we do as health care practitioners, is really special. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that we are helping others, and being a positive impact on others’ lives. Not many occupations can always say the same thing. That being said. I wanted to try to do something a little bit more. I’d like to be able to have a patient, a friend, or even someone on the other side of the country or world be able look something up on my blog that might help their lives in a positive manner.

There is SO much information out there on the web on how and what to do, to feel better, to relieve aches and pains, what to eat, what not to eat… it’s rather overwhelming. I am not inferring that I know everything and what is right and what is wrong, or what works and what doesn’t. I am only sharing information on this blog that I have witnessed firsthand in my office or information that I know is legitimate from extremely trusted colleagues and research. The content is my professional opinion. I have had the honor to work with some extremely successful practitioners, and have learned and continue to learn along the way. I do my own research, listen to podcasts, and read. I believe if you’re not learning you’re not growing.

Below is a list of topics that I plan on posting and hopefully discussing if anyone has any questions. With anything that I post or discuss, you must take into consideration your physical ability and always consult with your own Health Care Practitioner.

  • Chiropractic

  • Active Release Techniques

  • Graston Techniques

  • Foam Rolling

  • Golf Performance

  • Ergonomics

  • Nutrition

  • Life Balance

  • Stress Prevention/Reduction

  • Fitness

  • Conditions

  • Injuries(Sports)

  • Injuries(RSI- Repetitive Strain Injuries)

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