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Standard Process 21-Day Detox Final Results!

Happy April…I’m finally writing about the 21-day detox that I started in March and finished a little over a week ago. I’m back to eating what I want, and the funny thing is I don’t really want junk food. I’m still eating rather healthy from the detox. In the end, I did reach my goal of 10 pounds. On the final weigh-in day…I weighed 209.8! I started at 220.4. So I barely made it! 10.6 pounds in 3 weeks is pretty good, and to be honest, I don’t think it’s healthy to lose any more than that. It’s all about adopting the habits and keeping the overall weight under control…not just losing the weight and putting it back on again. It’s not worth the initial sacrifice to gain it all back again. Below is a list of some of the most important ideas I learned through this process.

1. You really can do it!! It’s not that difficult.

2. You just need to get through the first 3 or 4 days. The first 2 days for me were the hardest and I did have headaches from caffeine withdrawal.

3. You don’t need to consume crappy carbohydrates to feel full.

4. Lentils are actually really good!!

5. Healthy protein shakes with little fruit are very tasty! I always looked forward to making them and still do.

6. It’s important to get 30 grams of protein in the first 30 minutes of waking up…your body needs it.

7. Coffee addiction can be kicked… it’s all mental.

8. Yerba Mate is an awesome alternative to coffee.

9. Dandy Blend is another great alternative to coffee and there is no caffeine in it….check it out…I order it on amazon…same with Yerba mate.

10. Eliminating toxins and eating healthy extremely helps your sleep….I never slept better in my life. Out like a light, and no caffeine is needed in the morning.

11. I had many instances of happy moments on this detox. I still had my stress as we all do, but I felt like it was less substantial. You feel good about yourself in this program…every day is an accomplishment.

12. I’ve always been interested in proper nutrition…but during this detox, I learned so much more! I read a ton of books and I watched a lot of documentaries.

13. Once you get over the initial changes…you really don’t miss the junk food. My biggest miss was alcohol. After a rough day at work…I would have to walk the dog longer than usual and avoid the temptation of pouring a drink to relax. I won’t lie…I’m back to having a drink when I want to. But I barely drink coffee anymore… love the Yerba Mate for caffeine.

14. Love getting compliments for the weight loss. I look much healthier…always an added benefit.

15. Prepare yourself for some skinnier clothing! Only negative to this program!

Love to answer any questions!!! And thanks to my Registered Dietitian friend…Carly is out there in San Diego recommending this program. This program really has changed my life. Cheers!

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